The spiral cooler cools products in either ambient air or an isolated chamber with a cooling unit. We custom-design all of our spiral coolers according to the available dimensions of the space.

Depending on the spatial requirements, the spiral cooler can be installed either above the oven, or, if there is sufficient space, after the oven in single or dual spirals. Isolated chamber coolers primarily use ambient air for the cooling process, and can also be equipped with a cooling unit if ambient temperatures are too high. This use of ambient air minimizes energy expenditure.

General information

  • suitable for cooling all types of baked products
  • stainless steel
  • uses of modular plastic or stainless steel belts
  • ambient air or isolated chamber with a cooling unit
  • uses of ambient air for cooling, reducing energy use
  • offers the option of a controlled and regulated cooling process
  • synchronizes with the entire line