About Us

Technology and innovation in the baking industry

Liberecké strojírny is one of the largest manufacturers and providers of modern bakery equipment in the Czech Republic.

The Company was established in 1993 as a limited liability company with a tradition of the bakery equipment production reaching back to 1920s when the original enterprise was state owned.

We offer realization of individualized conceptual projects that fully satisfy needs of the artisan bakeries as well as needs of large industrial bakeries requesting semi and fully-automated installations for high volume production.

Our Customer Service Department provides a world class technical support service assistance to all of our existing clients.

With almost 50 employees, we are able to respond resourcefully to our customer's fast-changing needs and we are well aware of the fact that our future depends on speed and flexibility. We believe that meaningful, productive change in the way of solving problems only comes by looking at challenges and opportunities from new angles.

Committed to delivering innovation and long lasting solutions of the highest quality, our Company cooperates with its customers in order to help and allow them realize their visions and create tangible values. Our aim is to work and maintain long-term relationships with our customers who we have grown along with since the early days of our existence.

We value our company reputation, and we are proud of the integrity, loyalty and reliability our employees demonstrate every day. Our employees are critical to our success and together as a team we believe that, driven by the imagination and enthusiasm of our employees, our company's potential has no limits.

Putting our Values into practice creates long-term benefits for customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

Project realization

Understanding our customer's vision and establishing goals

This is undoubtedly the most important stage of the project, upon which the success of the given project hinges. All plans, visions, and expectations must be studied and understood in detail so that the achieved goal fulfills its established objectives. It is our job to familiarize our customers with the full range of options available for their project, so that together we can design the perfect solution tailored to fit their needs.

Project planning

During this phase, it is important to clarify any details or possible ambiguities that could complicate the realization of the project. After final approval and a detailed review of the design plans, the manufacturing process commences.

Project implementation and building a lasting relationship

This is by far the most anticipated phase of the project. After long weeks of deliberation and planning, the results of our labor begin to take tangible form, and the initial vision begins to become a reality. Mutual satisfaction with the final product is the ultimate reward for our tireless work, and is also the next step in the formation of a strong relationship that allies us with our customers for the life of our products.