This type of proofer is used for the traditional production of oval wheat bread in channel trays. It is suitable for the production of wheat or combination wheat/rye bread. The trays are equipped with plastic or rattan baskets for round and oval bread that require a transferrable mold.

General information

  • Stainless steel execution available
  • Proofer can be designed based on the clients' requirements and space availability.
  • Possibility to include A/C unit.
  • Proofer is controlled from the central control panel.
  • Proper synchronization with the whole system (i.e. depositing device, oven, etc...) is assured.
  • Consists of plastic / wooden desks and are hang on the bearing chain.
  • The width of the desk corresponds to the lenght of the intended product and the length is set by the oven belt width.
  • Proofing time is adjustable by the number of loaded desks.



Stainless steel execution available