Just like the peelboard proofer, the belt proofer also allows for proofing on a flat surface, which means that it too is suitable for the production of a wide range of products.
The proofed products are not inverted during transfer from the proofer. This proofer is suitable for operations where there is lower ceiling clearance.

General information

  • Stainless steel execution available.
  • Proofer can be designed based on the clients' requirements and space availability.
  • Possibility to include A/C unit.
  • Proofer is controlled from the central control panel.
  • Proper synchronization with the whole system ( i.e. depositing device, oven, etc...) is assured.
  • Belt proofer consists of multi-level conveyers with automatic centering of the belt via swinging roller.
  • Assistant load products into the levels of the proofer and products can be oriented on the belt either lengthwise or crosswise.
  • Proofing time is adjustable by the speed of the belts.
  • Upon exit of the products from the proofer, the assistant automatically sets itself into a corresponding level, loads the products and forward them to the conveyer with the cutting device.