The construction of this proofer allows for the production of both tin bread in molds as well as products on trays and peelboards.

In terms of product range, the swing proofer is a combination peelboard proofer with the option of adding products in molds. The only limitation is the requirement for uniform dimensions of baking mold sets for subsequent manipulation.

In places with good ceiling clearance, this type of proofer can be installed on top of the oven, where there is sufficient free space.

General Information

  • Stainless steel execution available.
  • Proofer can be designed based on the clients' requirements and space availability.
  • Possibility to include A/C unit.
  • Proofer is controlled from the central control panel.
  • Proper synchronization with the whole system ( i.e. depositing device, oven, etc...) is assured.
  • Number of swings is set by the required proofing time.
  • Swings are hung on the bearing chain and shape of swings is modified based on the produced product.
  • Swing proofer has own heating and steam unit.