This cooling system option cools bread from the oven in either ambient air or in an isolated chamber with a cooling unit. The swing cooler is always custom-designed according to the available spatial dimensions.

The advantage of the swing cooler is that it o ers the option of installing it on top of a tunnel oven.

For controlled cooling using an isolated chamber, this cooler is divided into two separate segments. The first segment uses primarily ambient air for the cooling process so that hot baked goods cool naturally at first. In the second segment, or in places where there are high ambient temperatures, the cooler utilizes a cooling unit. Using ambient air in the first section of the cooler decreases the amount of energy needed for cooling products that have exited the oven.

General information

  • Suitable primarily for cooling bread
  • Galvanized frames and stainless steel swing trays
  • Swing tray construction ensures minimal surface area contact with the product
  • Option of installation on top of a tunnel oven
  • Ambient air or isolated chamber with a cooling unit
  • May be divided into separate segments if forced cooling is ne- cessitated
  • Offers the option of a controlled and regulated cooling process
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