This is a universal proofer that and combines the properties of the proofers listed above. In terms of construction, there are limitations concerning the size of tray that the proofer can transport, and for products that require proofing on a flat surface, it is more suitable for firmer doughs, such as pretzel dough.

General information

  • Stainless steel execution available.
  • Proofer can be designed based on the clients' requirements and space availability.
  • Possibility to include A/C unit.
  • Proofer is controlled from the central control panel.
  • Proper synchronization with the whole system ( i.e. depositing device, oven, etc...) is assured.
  • Consists of either endless conveyor or stainless steel belt.
  • Spiral proofer can include one or two circular tracks.
  • Spiral proofer allows depositing and proofing of large variety of products.
  • Easy maintenance.